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Our Renovation Work

Pictures are of actual renovations, not stock photos. Click an image to enlarge.


 Silver Aspen Dr-Shower stall install

 Silver Aspen Dr-Shower stall install 1
 Silver Aspen Dr-Shower stall install 3
 Silver Aspen Dr-Shower stall install 2
 Silver Aspen Dr-Shower stall install 4
Converted front hall closet into a shower stall  attached to an existing powder room. Customer originally planned 24"x 48" shower. We relocated duct work to accommodate a 32"x 60" shower. Installed a larger closet and new light fixture removed popcorn ceiling. 

 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel

 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel 1
 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel 2
 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel 3
 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel 4
 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel 5
 Rowley Ave-Kitchen remodel 6
Relocated window/door, removed partition wall & relocated basement entrance for improved view & flow. New 2x6 framing with Roxul insulation. Relocated duct work, vents & plumbing. Replaced sub-floor and leveled due to extreme unevenness in existing joists. Replaced ceiling with new drywall, potlights and custom light valance. Caesarstone counter & glass tile backsplash.   

 Rains Ave-Bathroom remodel

 Rains Ave-Bathroom remodel 1
 Rains Ave-Bathroom remodel 2
 Rains Ave-Bathroom remodel 3
 Rains Ave-Bathroom remodel 4

Original bathroom had loose tiles, weak drywall and a musty odor.  Initially only bath tub surround was to be retiled, but once tiles and walls were removed, major water damage & rotten studs were found.  Entire bathroom had to be demolished and interior waterproofing installed. 

 Rains Ave-Bathroom remodel 5

Pressure treated studs, cement backer board, RedGuard waterproofing, tiles, bath tub, pedestal sink and cabinet installed. New trim work around window. 

 Gretel DrBasement Kitchen 

 Gretel Dr- Basement Kitchen 1
 Gretel Dr- Basement Kitchen 2

 Nature Pathway-Laminate Floor/baseboard installation 

Small basement kitchen installation.

 Nature Pathway-Laminate Floor/baseboard installation 1
 Nature Pathway-Laminate Floor/baseboard installation 2
 Nature Pathway-Laminate Floor/baseboard installation 3

 Torresdale Ave-Shower stall update

 Torresdale Ave-Shower stall update 1
 Torresdale Ave-Shower stall update 2
 Torresdale Ave-Shower stall update 3

 Robertson Close-Bathroom remodel

 Robertson Close-Bathroom remodel 1
 Robertson Close-Bathroom remodel 3
 Robertson Close-Bathroom remodel 2
 Robertson Close-Bathroom remodel 4

8"x12" polished porcelain wall tiles. Wood grain porcelain tiles. 

 Pintail Cres-Fence Installation

 Pintail Cres-Fence Installation 1
 Pintail Cres-Fence Installation 2
 Pintail Cres-Fence Installation 3

Fence. Pressure treated fence. 

 Gladstone Ave-Closet Installation

 Gladstone Ave-Closet Installation 1
 Gladstone Ave-Closet Installation 2

Old shelf and clothes rod removed. Glass sliding doors, shelf and clothes rod installed. Trim & drywall work.

 Lilian Dr-Backsplash

 Lilian Dr-Backsplash 1
 Lilian Dr-Backsplash 2

Glass mosaic backsplash installation. 

 Woodbine Ave-Glass Backsplash


 Woodbine Ave-Glass Backsplash 1
 Woodbine Ave-Glass Backsplash 2
 Woodbine Ave-Glass Backsplash 3
 Woodbine Ave-Glass Backsplash 4

Called in after 1st contractor could not install glass tile. Wall surface before backer board Installation and after glass tile installed and grouted. Trim work around window.

 Glengrove Ave-Bathroom Floor Repair & Re-tile

 Glengrove Ave-Bathroom Floor Repair & Re-tile 1
 Glengrove Ave-Bathroom Floor Repair & Re-tile 2

Plumbing company had to break floor and tiles to replace main drain. After tiles removed further work was needed to fix the concrete and level floor. 

New floor tiles installed and border. Drywall repair required after old tile border was removed.

 Glengrove Ave-Bathroom Floor Repair & Re-tile 3

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