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Our Renovation Work

Pictures are of actual renovations, not stock photos. Click an image to enlarge.


Sapphire Dr-Bathroom Remodel

Aranas Before 2.jpg
Aranas After 2.jpg
Aranas Before 4.jpg
Aranas Before 3.jpg
Aranas After 3.jpg
Aranas After 5.jpg

Remodel of bathroom. Removed tub, walls, floor & toilet. Leveled & installed new sub-floor w/Schluter uncoupling membrane. Moved drain to center location. Waterproofed 34"x72" shower area with Schluter Kerdi Board wall panels. Installed 12"x24" tiles on floor and shower walls using Perfect Level Master tile leveling system. Mosaic tiles in shower floor with Schluter pan/drain assembly. 2 way shower faucet with rain shower head. Low 3"step in curb with sliding glass doors. Tiled 12"x28" niche. All tiled edges finished with Schluter Rondec in Brushed Chrome finish.

Laurendale Ave-Kitchenette


Before there was blank wall with no plumbing.  We installed sink drain and water supply for faucet. Designed and installed Ikea cabinets, counter & lighting. Tiled backsplash with pebble mosaics. 

Main St-Bathroom 

Main St Before 1_800x450.jpg
Main St After 1 (2)_302x600.jpg
Main St Before 2_800x450.jpg
Main St After 2_800x450.jpg
Main St After 4_800x450.jpg
20200418_180448 (2)_274x600.jpg

Remodel of bathroom in a century home. Shower was leaking to unit below causing extensive damage. Sink faucet was inoperable. Entire bathroom was demolished to studs and replaced with new studs, drywall, Schluter Kerdi Drain & Kerdi waterproofing membrane. Shower walls tiled with 12"x24" polished tiles and hexagon mosiacs on floor. 

Red Rock Dr-Master Bathroom 


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